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Captain Felix Rollins

Name Felix Rollins

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 51

Physical Appearance

Height 5’10
Weight 73kg
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Felix has a bald head and a greying bread. He used to like keeping physically fit but since his injuries he isn’t able to keep up the same level of fitness as he once did.


Spouse Elizabeth Rollins nee Jones (First wife, divorced)
Aggie Rollins nee Greenwood (Second Wife, Deceased)
Polly Rollins nee Beem (Third wife, deceased)
Children Alfie Rollins (Son, 36)
Judith Rollins (Daughter, 33)
Oscar Rollins (Son, 32)
Oliver Greenwood (Stepson, 34)
Amiee Greenwood (Stepdaughter, 32)
Joshua Rollins (Son, 24)
Toby Beem (Stepson, 30)
Alicia Beem (Stepdaughter, 28)
Myah Beem (Stepdaughter, 21)
India Rollins (Daughter, 16)
Father George Rollins (Deceased)
Mother June Rollins (Deceased)
Sister(s) Elizabeth Rollins (Sister)
Faith Rollins (Sister)
Other Family Luis Rollins (Grandson, 12)
Abigail Rollins (Grandaughter, 10)
Ryan Rollins (Grandson, 8)
Kacha Rollins (Grandaughter, 8)
George Rollins (Grandson, 3)

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses + Intelligent
+ Composed
+ Cool under pressure

- Has a lot of baggage
- Has a score to settle with the Klingons
Ambitions He’d like to one day sit at a table with all of his children and enjoy their company.

Personal History Felix was born to George and June Rollins on Vega Colony. He was the second of three children and was the only son in the family. His parents both worked in the Federation Consulate and we’re always busy in these roles. His eldest sister, Elizabeth, was generally left in charge as she was 5 years older than Felix and 7 years older than Faith.

From a young age, he hated being the only boy in the household. So from the age of 6, he began sneaking out and finding his own fun.

Many times the local police force called out as he’d gone walkabout for a long time. He was generally in the nearby forest climbing trees, building forts or setting traps to capture the local wildlife.

Academically he was fine, always attended school and always above average in his classes, something both his sisters were jealous of as they grew up. School came easily to him as they had to work hard to keep up.

When Felix turned 15, he met a girl, Penny, from a neighbouring town. They started hanging out, which quickly developed into a physical relationship. Unfortunately, Penny fell pregnant very quickly. Both sets of parents were shocked when they found out but they sorted out arrangements so the baby could spend time with both his mother and father. Felix wasn’t overly interested in the baby and spent longer amounts of time from home when the baby was at his.

When he turned 18, he applied for Starfleet Academy where he was accepted. This was his chance to get away from his family and stand on his own two feet.

Although, this choice left him in bad stead with his parents and Penny’s parents. Felix was never ready to be a father at such a young age and resented having a child at such a young age.

Just like school, the academic side of the academy cake easily to him. He rarely had to study after class or attend extra lessons. 4 months into academy life, he fell in love with a fellow cadet, Elizabeth Jones.

Soon Elizabeth fell pregnant and Felix proposed. He loved her very much and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. They married a couple of months before their daughter, Judith, was born.

Things were going great for Felix, he was with the love of his life and was flying through the academy. Liz fell pregnant again not long after giving birth to Judith so had to drop out of the academy as she couldn’t keep up with her schooling.

In 2266, Felix graduated from Starfleet Academy and was assigned to the Saladin Class, USS Sargon as a helmsman. Although happily married, he began to miss his family and feel lonely. His eyes started to wander, he found himself attracted to the Chief of Security’s wife and the Sargon’s assistant chief engineer Lieutenant Aggie Greenwood.

They began a love affair which lasted for 18 months until they were caught in the act. Felix was reassigned back to Starfleet Headquarters where he’d become a shuttle pilot for some of Starfleet’s high ranking officials.

However, upon his return to Earth he found his wife was also having an affair. Both Liz and Felix decided to go their separate ways. A few months after the divorce, he married Aggie, who had resigned from Starfleet so she could concentrate on looking after her children from her previous marriage.

Being stationed on Earth was great as Rollins was able to spend time with his children from his previous marriage and was able to live with his current wife and her children. However, as time went on, he grew bored with the same old routine and wanted to get back out into space on a starship once again. He spoke to one of the Admiral’s, who he piloted, and they said they’d find a good assignment for him.

Just before Felix headed off for his next assignment Aggie revealed she was pregnant. Felix was pleased with the news and regretted choosing to leave earth for a different assignment.

He was assigned to the USS Federation which was heading into deep space on a five year mission. He knew he wouldn’t see his baby until they were almost six but Aggie pushed him to go, it would be fine.

During his time on the Federation, he wrote to Aggie and his children almost every day. He wanted to make sure they knew he was thinking of them while he was away.

The Federation’s long mission took its toll on the crew for various reasons. However, in the first couple of years they lost a lot of good people. This in turn meant several changes to the crews command structure. Rollins made Lieutenant Commander and Second Officer in the second year of their long mission.

As the Federation came back into contact with home as she got closer, Felix had some terrible news. His wife Aggie had passed away during childbirth of their son. She’s been dead over 4 years and he never knew. Her parents had taken in her children from her previous marriage and had begun raising Joshua as their own.

This news devastated Felix. He had written to her everyday for the last five years so he could give her the letters for her to read about his journey. The Captain of the Federation relieved him of duty for the remainder of the trip so he could come to terms with such a loss.

Once back on Earth he was allowed a couple of months off on compassionate grounds. He found it hard trying to bond with Joshua as he looked just like his mother and it hurt him so much that he wasn’t there for her or the family.

Aggie’s parents agreed to keep Joshua and continue to raise him as they had, so Felix could continue his career.

He saw his first assignment, the USS Sargon, needed a Chief Helmsman and Second Officer so transferred back to the Saladin Class vessel.

In 2278 he was surprised when he received an invitation from his eldest son, Alfie, to watch him enrolling in Starfleet. Although he hadn’t had much to do with him during his life, Felix was beaming with pride as he watched Alfie enroll into the Academy. He was determined to get to know the young man and make up for lost time.

A year later, Felix met another lady, Polly, she had been widowed some fifteen years earlier. They soon hit it off and Felix, not wanting to spend the rest of his life on his own, quickly proposed. She said yes and they were married a couple of months later, with Polly falling pregnant shortly after the wedding.

Felix stayed aboard the Sargon until 2283 when he got promoted to Commander and transferred to the newly built Constellation class, USS Victory as her first officer.

The Victory was a fine ship and Felix was proud to serve as her XO. However, in 2289, her CO decided to retire from service. Felix was given a promotion to Captain and given command of the Victory.

Six months after taking over command, his wife Polly was killed in an accident. Felix has dealt with the loss of a wife before but instead of dealing with it, he simply pushed the feeling of loss to one side and continued his life as if nothing had happened.

In 2293 war broke out with the Klingon Empire after they assassinated the Federation President at Camp Khitomer. Victory was placed into a battle group and sent to hold Sherman’s planet from being taken by the Klingons.

A vicious and bloody battle happened, Victory sustained heavy losses and was left to drift in space by the victorious Klingon fleet. During the battle, Felix was caught in an explosion which killed half of the bridge crew. He lost a leg and had a badly mutilated arm. The highest ranking surviving officer called for the ship to be evacuated before dragging his broken Captains body to the nearest escape pod.

Felix woke up 2 months later having been placed in a medically induced coma. Surgeon’s had managed to save his life but not his arm. It would take the next year of his life trying to ready his body, with multiple surgeries, for a replacement arm and leg to be fitted. He then needed to learn how to use them.

Three years after the battle at Sherman’s planet, Felix was cleared for active duty and was given command of the USS Trident.

Service Record 2263-2266: Starfleet Academy - Cadet
2266-2268: USS Sargon - Helmsman - Ensign
2268-2271: Starfleet HQ - Shuttle Pilot - Ensign/Lieutenant JG
2271-2276: USS Federation - Chief Helmsman/Second Officer - Lieutenant JG/ Lieutenant/ Lieutenant Commander
2276: Compassionate Leave Two months
2276-2283: USS Sargon - Chief Helmsman/Second Officer - Lieutenant Commander
2283-2289: USS Victory - Executive Officer - Commander
2289-2293: USS Victory - Commanding Officer - Captain
2293-2296: Recovering from massive injuries sustained in battle.
2296-Present: USS Trident - Commanding Officer - Captain