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Lieutenant Chaol Westfall

Name Chaol Westfall

Position Chief Navigator/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5’9” (175cm)
Weight 195lbs (88kg)
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Heterochromatic Left: Brown, Right: Blue
Physical Description Pretty average man, he maintains his fitness on a semi regular basis. He did colour his hair purple, after entering Starfleet Academy, as he didn't like his hair brown. He has a tattoo of an Ancient Ninja throwing star on the right side of his neck which he also got during his time at Starfleet Academy.


Father Arnold
Mother Christine

Personality & Traits

General Overview Just like in his pursuit to be fit and healthy, he is quite bright but chooses to limit himself because of partial laziness or lacking drive to be more than he is. He enjoys the simple life of a pilot and fighting, though he takes it very seriously both space and ground battles has his mind seeking tactical strategic thinking and planning. Sometimes Chaol has earned the nickname Chaos as he can be just as unpredictable as Chaos Theory. Once he connects with someone they will have a friend for life unless something unspeakable between them happens, for he takes betrayal badly and may never forgive.
Strengths & Weaknesses Loyal, Problem Solver, Strategic Thinker and Tactician.
Sometimes appears dumb, His being quite bright leds to the occasional good plan, Does anything for a friend which sometimes may be wrong, Will react badly to pressures on his Freedom though Starfleet rules, regs and orders (unless he disagrees with them for good reason) are not in that category.
Tends to go with the flow in group situations unless put in the center of attention he can have trouble with pleasing everyone.
Ambitions Become a Martial Arts Black Belt and a Weapons Master. Maybe settle down one day but not anytime soon.
Hobbies & Interests Collecting handheld weapons mostly from history, training in the gym and fighting calisthenics programs (not as brutal as the Klingon one since no Klingons serve in Starfleet).

Personal History Born into a family of old traditionalists, which seemed to have survived the cultural changes that the encounter with the Vulcans had brought, Chaol was forced to follow a set path in life. When Chaol was out of preschool age, his parents continued to teach him at home. His father did want others influencing his son in ways other than his way.

His mother was semi progressive and could see the advantages of those cultural changes. She had managed to take Chaol to several historical sights and attend the occasional day school on various subjects when his father wasn't around on business trips. He had encountered a martial arts demonstration and had approached his father about wanting to learn self defense. It was something that gave his father was pleased Chaol was interested in and bless him joining regular classes in the various styles.

Chaol had encountered many aliens, and wanted to join Starfleet to explore space, on many of the excursions he went on with his mother. He had told his mother he'd go to Starfleet Academy one day. She had warned him not to as she didn't want to lose him and she ordered him not to tell his father about any of what they did or his desire to join Starfleet.

He agreed and life carried on the same for many years till he turned 20, his mother had stopped taking him on excursions as it would now attract attention from his father as he took direct tutelage of Chaol's education. It also took a more specific focus into Naval history and tradition, sailing basics, and other ocean based subjects which Chaol hated with a passion.

One day Chaol made the mistake of mentioning Starfleet in conversation with a family friend and his father heard it. He was told, in private, that under no circumstances that he was allowed to join Starfleet and if he did, he'd be disowned and excommunicated from the family. Thankfully the traditionalist families had no choice but to adapt to there being no drive for wealth so there was no threat of being cut off from the family wealth as there was no longer great value on currency. And really the only person Chaol would miss would be his mother.

The Martial Arts classes also taught training with various handheld bladed weapons as well as energy based ones. They also sponsored applications to Starfleet Academy, after their courses ended for any who were interested.

Nearing the end of his 20th year, Chaol had finished the Martial Arts courses, having been attending since he was 16, with high scores and reached purple or blue belt levels. The various styles had a few different ranking systems. Chaol decided he was not going to continue being pushed into a career path he had no interest in. He packed a bag and left a note that he was entering Starfleet Academy in Paris.

During the second week of the Academy courses, at the beginning of the next year, although at the particular time his father arrived there were no classes on but students were encouraged to seek instructors guidance and to study. Chaol was meeting with an instructor, and the Commandant was nearby, his father attempted to pull Chaol out of the Academy but the Commandant had intervened, brought them to their office and sat them down and discussed with them what was happening.

After it was established that Chaol will not go back during a shouting match with his father, it looked like his father would physically assault Chaol and the Commandant had security restrain him. They escorted his father off the campus but not before his father yelled that he disowned Chaol and banished him from his family. Chaol had yelled back he didn't care and went back to the campus library to study before the next class.

On the 4th year, near graduation his mother turned up and they spent time together, she informed him that she'd divorced his father and was now living in Paris. Chaol would often stay with his mother between staying with new friends and at the campus until graduation which came quickly. He received the rank of ensign and after a hearty farewell went with many other fresh Starfleet officers to their new lives.

During his Academy courses and prior to graduation Chaol had completed several levels of his Pilots Certification, though not his 5th level which he plans on completing once settled.

Attended various Martial Arts dojos from the age of 16 till 20.
He was home schooled till entering Starfleet Academy at 20 by his father and other tutors his father hired.
Not a lot held his interest except History which contained loads of strategy and tactics stories from across the Federation.
Service Record After graduation at 24, Chaol went into additional combat and weapons technical courses that went for 2 years with the occasional excursions to Andor(ia) to have special attention from the Andorian War College weapon masters in a variety of techniques.

Once completed Chaol transferred to the USS Hood (constitution enterprise class) as a weapons officer with the occasional training in navigation and security, so he can switch to Security or Navigation positions if he wanted, thanks to the Master-at-Arms for 5 years with a promotion to Junior Grade at the end.

He got transferred to the USS Helin (Miranda class) that patrolled the Romulan Neutral Zone where they did have a few skirmishes with bold Romulan frigates that illegally entered Federation space. He remained on the Helin for 3 years and gained Assistant Chief Navigator/Tactical Officer position before applying for Chief Navigator/Tactical Officer authorisation with his commanding officer and submitted a request for a chief position with Starfleet Command.