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Lieutenant Akamine Naomi

Name Akamine Naomi

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 110 lbs.
Hair Color black
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Akamine is a beautiful woman of mixed Japanese and Causasian descent. She is thin but has subtle curves. Her once long, trademark black hair has been cropped short. She has full lips but it is often difficult to tell her emotions.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Jeffrey Barnett
Mother Uyeno Naomi
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none

Personality & Traits

General Overview Akamine is a soft spoken, but sweet woman. From a very young age she was kind hearted and saw the goodness in all, being very charitable. She chose the medical profession as a way to assist as many people as possible. However, some of that changed once she was raped by a Klingon. She sees them as nothing more than rabid beasts. Since they are animals, in her view, the Hippocratic oath does not apply to them. She thinks the kindest thing that can be done to a Klingon is put it down.
Strengths & Weaknesses Akamine has a huge heart and is willing to help nearly anyone, sometimes at her own expense. It can make it easy to take advantage of her. However, after her rape, she has been more withdrawn. So while she is willing to assist others, she is not as willing to allow people to get close to her.
Ambitions To cure humanity of all diseases, including ridding the universe of Klingons.
Hobbies & Interests Zazen, martial arts, shodo, guilty pleasure of anime, especially isekai anime

Personal History Akamine's mother grew up in a traditional Japanese family. She was expected to marry Japanese and raise her children with traditional Japanese values. However, she was permitted to go to school in the United States at the University of California in Los Angeles. While there, Uyeno met and fell in love with Jeffrey Barnett, a tall Texan with blonde hair and blue eyes. In what would have been Uyeno's senior year in college, Akanine was conceived. Her family, scandalized, immediately withdrew Uyeno from college and had her transferred back home.

Despite her mother eventually being cut off from the family, Akanine grew to love everyone and everything. She had a giving nature. One thing that she insisted on keeping throughout her childhood and into her adult life was her long, elegant black hair. Throughout childhood, Akamine would give of herself, expecting nothing in return. Her physical beauty continued to match her beautiful soul, as well, and she was approached to model. However, her heart told her that she could only be happy healing people and beings from all species. It was her duty to repair the universe, as she saw it. Her mother could not be more proud.

And so, Akamine enrolled in Starfleet. She studied hard and probably would have done better in school if she was not assisting others in their studies. Still, she graduated in the top 15% of her class and was rewarded with an assignment on the USS Idaho. Her charming personality and her dedication to medicine assisted her in getting promotions and eventually a Chief Medical Officer position on the USS Bismark. Unfortunately, this is where Akamine's charmed life ended.

The Bismark was leaving the failed Khitomer Conferences when the Klingons declared war on the Federation. Moments later, a Klingon Bird of Prey decloaked on the unexpecting Bismark. Before shields could be raised, several Klingons were aboard. In sickbay, Akamine was taking in the wounded and was doing her best to keep everyone stabilized. However, a Klingon walked in. His body was caked in red and purple blood. Akamine made the mistake of asking, "Can I help you? You look wounded." For an answer, the Klingon cut through several of her staff. Some fled and Akamine tried. However, he caught her fleeing by her long black hair.

The Klingon laughed at Akamine as she struggled in vain. Placing a d'k tahg at Akamine's throat he told her, "Humans are weak. It is clear that human females are weaker. There is no place for such weakness in the Empire, so I will breed strength into you." He pulled down her pants and immediately started to rape her. Akamine shrieked, screamed, and cried in vain. This only seemed to embolden the Klingon. "I shall take you to my ship and there, you will breed a stronger race to serve us."

Time stood still as several things happened at once. Akamine's boyfriend, Amano Ryuu burst in. His eyes widened as he saw his girlfriend being manhandled by the Klingon. He took out his phaser, fired it and instantly killed the Klingon. While Akamine saw this, she simultaneously watched another Klingon behead Amano with his bat'leth. Her cry became one of ultimate despair and she blacked out.

When she woke, she found herself on a Starbase in a medical center. She was able to confirm that her nightmare on the Bismark was real. Half of the crew, including the Captain were killed and another quarter were seriously injured. Akamine's nightmare became even worse when she learned that she was pregnant and the DNA showed that it was not Amano's child but had Klingon DNA. Howling in mental anguish, she tried tearing out of all of her hair with her hands. After she was restrained, Akamine made the decision to terminate the pregnancy. However, these events were not without a cost. Psychologically, from all the trauma she experienced, she was deemed unfit for duty and was required to go through extensive psychological counselling.

During the remainder of 2293, Akamine made the decision to cut her hair short and retrain in her traditional marital arts. She vowwed never to be a victim again. Ultimately these actions and the counselling helped to get her out of her depression and her sunny disposition returned outwardly. Internally, she determined that Klingons were nothing better than animals. When an animal is rabid, it must be put down. Klingons were clearly rabid animals and she vowwed that none would live on her watch and they were exempt from the Hippocratic Oath, as they were animals. Her psychological scars persist in her social life, as well, having only dated a handful of times since her rape, unable to completely allow herself to be vulnerable again.

Her first assignment saw her reduced to an Assistant Chief Medical Officer. Essentially this "easier" assignment was a test to see whether she could psychologically handle the stress of being a Chief Medical Officer again. The Chief Medical Officer noted that Akamine still had a very good bedside manner and continued to succeed in her duties. As such, she was given another Chief Medical position on the Fredericks. However, the Fredericks was not a ship that was near the fighting and Akamine still had revenge on her mind. As such, she requested and was granted the transfer to the Trident.
Service Record 2296 - Lieutenant, Chief Medical Officer on USS Trident
2295-2296 - Lieutenant, Chief Medical Officer on USS Fredericks
2294-2295 - Lieutenant, Assistant Chief Medical Officer on USS Stargazer
2293 - On Medical Leave due to psychological trauma
2292-2293 - Lieutenant, Chief Medical Officer on USS Bismark
2290-2292 - Lieutenant Junior Grade, Assistant Chief Medical Officer on USS Roosevelt
2289-2290 - Ensign, Medical Officer on USS Idaho
2285-2289 - Starfleet Academy