Mission 1: The Pyris Conundrum

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The USS Trident launches and heads to the communications relay which has suddenly stopped relaying. As the ship gets closer everything looks normal but is it a trap…

Mission 2:

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The Klingon Empire has been raiding targets and destroying convoys deep within Federation Space. The Trident has been sent to investigate how they are managing to do this and finding an unexpected Ally of the Empire.

Mission 3:

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A Klingon defector makes contact with the Federation. He promises to give the secrets of the Klingon’s cloaking systems in exchange for asylum. The only problem is, he’s on a research station in the Beta Penthe system, deep within Klingon space. The Trident is tasked with extracting the defector which could swing the balance of the war back into Starfleet’s way.

Prelude: Joining the Fight

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The officers and crew of the USS Trident, report on board and get ready to join the front line in the war against the Klingons.