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Security Battle Simulation

Posted on Fri Oct 2nd, 2020 @ 1:57pm by Lieutenant JG Doviyah Baca & Captain Felix Rollins & Lieutenant Commander David Arbroath & Lieutenant Akamine Naomi & Lieutenant JG Zack Logan
Edited on on Sat Oct 3rd, 2020 @ 5:50pm

Mission: Mission 1: The Pyris Conundrum
Location: Battle Sim Area
Timeline: 7th November, 2296 - 1000

Arbroath approached the doors to the Battle Simulation Room with some trepidation. He hated this... Hated it. He was a communications officer, not in Security; moreover, war was not some glorious pasttime as some authors still wrote, nor was this war particularly just or righteous--the Federation had been trying to make peace, and conservative elements in the Azetbur administration had carried the day. War was death... And screams... And pain... Lives shattered, families torn apart... And yet, it was his duty to participate in this simulation, no matter how distasteful he might find it. Better to know how to react to a boarding party, or a Klingon space raid, than not.

Logan was already in the BSR, Battle Simulation Room, waiting for the others to arrive. There was a case on the floor next to him, which contained the dummy phasers. He saw Arbroath enter. "Commander."

"Lieutenant..." The Communications officer grabbed a dummy phaser. "Low power, I trust?" He checked the charge.

"These are all non-functioning phasers, commander, designed for training purposes, commander." He looked at him. They are linked in with the ship's computer to record any hits during the simulation, commander."

Captain Rollins hobbled into the simulation room, his hobble was noticeable due to him not having his cane with him. “Good morning everyone.” He said as he approached the senior officers.

Logan looked at the captain. "Good morning captain."

“Are we ready to get started?” Felix said looking at the gathered officers. “Just Doctor Naomi and Lieutenant Westfall to arrive.”

Baca accepted the phaser handed to her after she entered the room. She looked it over the settings, "Business end points at the enemies, right?"

The doctor walked in wondering why she was called in for a battle simulation. After all, her job was simple. Fix people up when they got injured. She was not generally expected to participate in a battle. No doubt, should a battle come to her again, she would be prepared this time. She had been studying just so she would not be helpless again. She would exterminate the filthy vermin. "I am sorry that I am late," she apologized to the crew. "I did not expect that I would be required for a battle simulation. Please let me know how I can be of assistance."

"Dr Naomi." Hands her a phaser. "You are required to take part in this drill. Sickbay may be overrun, so you need to be ready."

Determination appeared in her normal quiet voice, as she took the weapon. "I am prepared. I will be ready. However, a phaser would be useless in hand to hand combat." She casually waved the phaser to the side of her body.

"How do you figure that?" Baca asked while making a "pew, pew" sound effect, "Don't bring a melee weapon to a ranged fight. Or is there a proximity setting on these that don't let you fire on a person at close range?"

"Why was I summoned when my duties are on the Bridge?" Chaol asked after he entered, he folded his arms over his chest, annoyance coming off him.

The doctor turned over to Baca and said, "If sickbay is overrun, there is not a lot of space. It will be hand to hand combat and I have spent much of the last few years training in that. Would you care to test me?" There was no threat in her voice. It was merely a query of interest, as she had become proud of her martial arts skills.

"Oh, I'm much better at running away than fighting," Baca answered. She held her hands up in surrender, "I'm definitely not qualified to test anyone in hand-to-hand combat."

"What will you do if you can't run?" Akamine asked concerned.

Logan looked at Baca. "You can fire point blank at someone if you need to." Then he looked at the doctor, "She does make a point, the crew should start taking self defense lessons."

Baca pointed at Logan with her free hand, indicating he had the answer, "Pew, pew, fire the phaser, of course."

"It is hard to fire a phaser when you can't pull it out," Akamine told Baca. Was I so naive once?

"Klingons are not stealthy. I'll hear them first and run away," the engineer explained. She was small, she could hide.

"You can't run if you are trapped and with red alarms blaring, people yelling and screaming, phasers firing, do you think you can pick out one Klingon from another?" Akamine asked logically.

Dove Baca's expression tightened in confusion, "What do you mean?"

"When a ship is boarded, chaos erupts." She closed her eyes remembering the moment it all happened for her. "It is not quiet. You won't be able to do anything more than concentrate on what's in front of you. There is no way to hear a particular Klingon. The situation is chaotic. Phasers firing. Bat'leths swinging, noise everywhere.... They're strong. So strong...." She shivered. "Just take my word on it. Your phaser won't do much in close combat.

"But why would you need to tell one Klingon from the other?" Baca asked, clarifying where her confusion in the conversation nested. "Don't you shoot every Klingon you see? Are some of them not the enemy? I don't think I understand the rules... I learned to duck, hide, and shoot from cover..."

Logan tried to restore order. "We seem to have drifted away from the exercise. Now we all know how Klingons fight. Once they board a ship, they prefer to use their knife or their bat'leth, both are deadly. So, if we're boarded, you see a Klingon, you fire at him. For the purpose of this exercise, these are practice phasers, but if the real thing happens, set your phaser to maximum, and shoot." He looked at everyone. "If you can find a secure place to hide, do so. Above all else, do not attempt to fight the Klingons hand to will lose." He looked at everyone in the eye. "Any questions?"

I won't look for a fight but if a Klingon finds me, I will fight and I will win, Akamine thought to herself. Vermin must be exterminated.

“I believe the simulation has been programmed for close quarters so expect anything.” Rollins commented before looking at Lieutenant Logan. “Are we going in smaller groups or as one big group, Lieutenant?”

"Give me a melee weapon, I'd rather hand to hand." Chaol said, he looked around and rubbed his hands together. Though he'd be on the bridge and that made him realised that perhaps they should have a weapons locker or something to hold weapons so they can defend themselves should enemies beam in. He'd talk to the Captain later.

"We should break into teams, 2 or 3 per team, this way, no one is alone and there will be someone to watch our backs." He looked around. "Try and stay calm. The simulation has been programmed for level 1, so it should be easy. Every time we practice, the level will increase. Any final questions?"

"Would you like to assign teams, Lieutenant, or are we picking?" asked Arbroath of the security chief. Arbroath had stayed out of the discussion amongst the other officers, largely because he felt they needed to solve this themselves.

Zack looked around. "People may pick who they want to take the test with, sir. If they can't, I can choose."

"Right... Doctor, Lieutenant Baca, you're with me... If you want to, that is?" Arbroath said.

Why did the Commander want her, Akamine wondered? Was he going to continue trying to pry at her history? And shouldn't she be nearer to the Captain? Well, it was just a simulation. "If you wish," the Doctor told the Commander.

Baca holstered her training phaser after checking its setting one last time and moved next to Arbroath's side. It was going to be an interesting team - one member that wants to fight, one that wants to hide, and Arbroath... what his philosophy was, Baca wasn't sure yet.

Arbroath nodded to the two women.

Chaol waited for something to happen.

"We'll begin with the two teams on the same deck. The objective will be to A) clear out the Klingon Boarders and B) find any prisoners or hostages. Does everyone understand?" Zack looked around.

"Understood, Lieutenant." Arbroath checked the phaser one last time.

Akamine replied politely, "I understand, Captain. Clear the boarders and find prisoners or hostages. Check."

"Team A will head port side, while team B heads starboard." Zack checked his practice phaser.

Rollins nodded his understanding as he to picked up one of the phaser rifles.

Team A

"So, it's been a while since I had to do any battle simulations. Do we walk around aimlessly until Klingons jump out at us? That doesn't feel too true to life," Baca asked. She shifted slightly as the holographic program changed their surroundings and they went from standing in a cargo bay to standing in one of the ship's corridors.

Baca was truly daft, Akamine thought to herself. "This is a simulation. Imagine Klingons boarding the ship. Klingons will appear and act as if this was reality. So, prepare yourself." The Japanese woman walked around, taking in her surroundings with a cautious defensive stance. It was clear that Akamine was ready to attack Klingons and defend herself.

"The doctor is right... Hold it." Arbroath tilted his head, then flashed out a hand signal. "That way."

Moving forward, Arbroath peered around the corner of a corridor. "Yep, Klingons... Four of them... On three... One, two, three..."

The svelte doctor pressed herself against the corridor wall, peeked out and fired her phaser at the Klingons. She did not wait to see if she hit. There would be new shots being fired soon enough.

"On three" wasn't much of an attack plan and Dove took a step back to shelter in an alcove opposite from the doctor and executive officer. She pulled her phaser to take aim as crossfire came in her direction. Before she could shoot, she dropped down low to avoid being hit.

From her crouched position, she reassessed the scene. One Klingon was down, another one was struck but appeared more enraged than injured. The other two had bat'leths raised and were rushing toward Arbroath. That was all towards her left, but a sound to her right caused alerted her to notice another party of three approaching from behind.

The engineer also recognized the Jefferies tube hatch to her immediate right and she scurried in. Three against seven (six now, possibly even fewer as the XO and Doctor kept up the phaser fire) were odds she didn't want to calculate. She activated the fire wall to blockade the new boarding party behind Team A.

Safely tucked away, she quickly traced the corridor path and dropped a second fire wall to fully trap the second Klingon party. Sensors confirmed only Klingons between the two fire walls and that two more had transported into the corridor with the other three in the moments after she had dropped the first wall. She heard pounding, a Klingon trying to use force to come through the safety barricade.

She took a deep breath, possibly in anticipation of knowing the Klingons would be unable to breathe momentarily, or possibly to calm herself... either way, with one more tap of the controls, the air was evacuated from between the two firewalls behind Team A. She peeked out from the Jeffries tube to check on the other two from her team.

In urgent but hushed tones, Akamine asked the Commander, "There's another set coming." Her headed noded in the direction of Dove. She then bent down and after taking a quick look, saw the whites of the eyes of another Klingon and fired before ducking back.

"My tricorder says there are three human signatures ahead with one Klingon," Baca announced after Akamine and Arbroath finished dispatching their Klingons. She was starting to get a handle on this game... this simulation and pointed the way to where she suspected the hostages were being detained.

"Three humans," Akamine whispered. "They're either in combat or they're prisoners. Hard to say. We should scout it."

"I can do that," Baca volunteered and after Arbroath nodded in approval, she picked a new jefferies tube access. As an engineer, she was very familiar with the crawl-ways and navigated them swiftly. She reached the room where three humans in blue uniforms were held. They were seated along the outer wall of the room and shackled together by their ankles.

She couldn't see their hands, but gathered that those were also shackled or bound in some manner. Adjusting her position silently, she looked for the Klingon guard.

The guard was female and looked rather angry, but she kept her distance from the crew. Dove watched for another minute. As she was about to turn about and return with the scouting report, the door to the lab opened. Two more crew stumbled in, bleeding from jagged wounds. The large Klingon escorting them gave another shove then helped bind them to the first three crew members before leaving again without saying anything.

Dove scowled, unable to discern the motivations of the Klingons in this exercise. Regardless, she felt she had enough information now to return to Arbroath and Akamine. When she slipped back out of the Jefferies tube, she noticed they had been busy with another boarding party while she was gone. "There's five captives now in Lab Four," Iari said and relayed what she had seen.

"5 captives? Two Klingons? I like our odds. We need a distraction to lure at least one of them out. The one inside will be the most difficult," Akamine told her group.

As they made their plans and began to execute the rescue, a sudden influx of Klingons filled the corridor, two by two, and overwhelmed the team.

Team B

After checking his rifle was operational Captain Rollins hobbled his way over to the Starboard side of the simulation room. It had been a while since the Captain had been involved in a combat drill such as this, he had to adjust the way he carried himself due to his limp, last thing he want was to fall and make a part of himself in front of his crew.

Logan walked with his team to their starting point. He would keep an eye on the captain because of his leg. "Okay we go. Computer, begin simulation Logan Exercise 1." With the program at the lowest setting, the computer would create simulated Klingons. Logan led the team along the corridor.

Chaol had his rifle up and while he kept and eye on the others, he faced the rear of the team. He was making sure no one flanked them.

Suddenly, two Klingons appeared coming around a corner, for both groups. The Klingons raised their weapons and started firing.

Logan signaled everyone to take cover. He could easily take care of the Klingons, but he wanted to see what the others handled it. This was more then a simple simulation for him, he had to see how the crew responded.

The Captain managed to take cover in a door as disruptor fire came towards Team B. He quickly managed to get down on one knee and start suppressing fire to allow the others to seek cover.

Logan pulled out his communicator and pressed a button. Suddenly, Klingons surrounded team A AND team b by doubing back on them. Both teams were trapped....there was no way out.

Rollins saw Klingons appear in front and behind. “Watch your six!” The Captain called putting as he turned his attention to those that had appeared behind. Firing his weapon in short bursts towards the enemy making them go for cover and splitting them up.

Suddenly, more Klingons appeared via transporters.....both teams were surrounded and was a trap...and it worked!

“More Klingons, sir!” McCarthy called out over weapons fire.

“Keep firing. Remember, Klingons are stupid, we are not!” Rollins said downing three Klingons with one burst.

More and more Klingons beamed in......they now outmanned the crew 10 to 1.

Logan pulled his communicator, pressed a button, and the simulation ended. He stood in the center of the simulation room. "Gentlemen, can anyone tell me what happened?"

“Out manned and out gunned?” Rollins replied wiping the sweat from his brow.

Logan nodded. "Plus we gave up a tactical advantage by spliting up into teams. When faced with superior numbers, never give up that tactical advantage." He walked around, looking at everyone. "Some of the tactics I saw here were...interesting, but nothing beats finding your enemy and giving him a bloody nose. Questions or comments?"

Baca raised her hand, "Sure, I have a lot of questions. First, why were we split into teams if we were meant to be one large group?"

Logan looked at him. "I did suggest splitting into teams, but I hoped one of you would have suggested that we stay together."

"Why were the shields down in the simulation?" Baca asked, accepting his answer to her previous question.

Logan looked at the computer screen of the simulation. "The computer determined that the Klingons overpowered our shields and they fell."

“Being in teams isn’t always a good thing.” Rollins commented. “As for the shields, there could be any number of reasons, the computer chose the Klingons overpowered them but there is many things that could go wrong, surprise attack, sabotage, simple equipment failure.”

"We'll try this again in a couple of days. Thank you for being here." Logan added.


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