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Weapons Test

Posted on Fri Sep 4th, 2020 @ 9:59pm by Lieutenant Chaol Westfall & Captain Felix Rollins & Lieutenant Commander David Arbroath & Lieutenant Akamine Naomi & Lieutenant JG Doviyah Baca & Lieutenant JG Zack Logan & Ensign Kehraor Ch'keris & Ensign Suja Anea
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Mission: Mission 1: The Pyris Conundrum
Location: Bridge
Timeline: 8th November, 2296 - 0830 Hours

“Captain Rollins, please report to the bridge. We’ve arrived in the Pollux system.” Ensign Keris said over the comm.

A few moments later, Rollins limped out of his ready room and onto the bridge. He glanced at the viewscreen as he made his way to the command seat. Various asteroids and other debris were scattered as far as could be seen. “Is there enough to test your weapons, Lieutenant Westfall?” Felix asked as he made it to the command seat and sat down.

Arbroath, who'd been in the command seat, smoothly rose and moved out of the captain's way. Going to his station, he set to work, listening for anything that might signal a ship--Federation, Klingon, or even some civilian transport severely off-course. Nothing, which was good... For the moment, anyway.

"Plenty sir," Chaol said, the Tactical Officer had been programming a series of test conditions that could be placed on the ship, a few sensor ghosts and randomly selected asteroids to be used as the sensor ghosts' physical form.

There will be a speed targeting, power, drill, damaged and multiple target test. He had them all as different scenarios in the computer, while leaving the actual targeting and firing controls to him with a timer on the viewscreen.

"Any particular tests you'd like to see Captain?" Chaol asked, looking over his shoulder.

“I’ll leave it at your discretion, Lieutenant.” Rollins replied. “Helm, accommodate Lieutenant Westfall’s needs."

“Ensign Knight, analyse the weapons test with full scanners. If there’s any problems don’t keep it to yourself.”

Knight looked up from her scanner. "Understood, captain." She then programmed the computer to use all the scanners to monitor the weapons test.

“Lieutenant Baca, keep an eye on the ships power levels if there’s a dip, let me know.”

"Will do," the Engineer answered.

“Commander Arbroath, keep an ear out for any Klingon’s that might be out there. It’s highly unlikely but not impossible.”

"I just love listening for Klingon transmissions, Sir." Arbroath grinned a little and set to work.

“Very well, Lieutenant Westfall begin your weapons test.” Rollins said with a smile.

"Aye," Chaol replied and glanced over at Keris. "Ensign, please follow my navigational plottings as I enter them as I will be focusing on weapons targeting."

Keris nodded and the two shared a smile.

"Hold onto your chairs people." Chaol called, he chuckled as he had a few rapid attack patterns that he wanted to test. He triggered the Speed Targeting program and the computer began feeding sensor ghosts as random enemy ships. The first pair were on either side of the viewscreen.

"Red Alert, this is a weapons drill! I repeat this is a weapons drill. Damage will be simulated." Chaol announced into the communications grid and the timer on the viewscreen began a moment later. He plotted a broadside course to the left so that both fore and aft phaser emitters could be used. Though it took him a few more seconds to actually make target lock, "fire!" He said as phaser beams lanced out to make impact with the asteroid that the computer had assigned as the first hostile.

Though the beams made impact it seem not enough energy had been able to fuel them until a 5 seconds after the phasers had sustained fire for 2 seconds. So the impacts were not as devastating as they should have been.

There was no time to work on it as the computer shifted the second target to a closer asteroid as if the enemy were in flight and a weapons lock warning chirped on his board. "Fire!" Chaol said as he had managed to confirm lock on the second target, though had one eye looking for the first.

As the phaser beams sped towards the second asteroid, it seemed that they were too powerful and destroyed the asteroid while blowing out some of the EPS relays in the aft section. It reduced the amount of the energy the aft phaser emitter could utilise but it could still fire, Chaol was grateful as he plotted the course for the ship to head towards one of the larger asteroids at half impulse. The first target still yet to reappear.

Felix jumped as the EPS relays blew out behind. “Status report?” He called out.

Sharon Knight responded. "We have EPS explosions all over the ship, captain. Power levels down 50%. Emergency power available, sir."

"Engineering to Bridge," Baca called from Main Engineering, "that power dip you wanted to know about, it's happening. What have you done?"

“Seems our weapons test has blown EPS relays across the ship. What’s the damage?” Rollins asked his chief engineer.

There was a long pause before engineering answered, "We're still analyzing what happened. Our initial thoughts are that a number of adjustments were made that aren't approved for the current systems. A power surge cascade caused multiple issues... It's going to take some time to trace down the root of the problem. We're stabilizing things first."

“Get on it, Lieutenant. I’d rather not be sitting out here not moving for any longer than we have too.” Rollins said before cutting the comm off.

Logan had setup security teams to various parts of the ship as part of the test, to simulate what could happen if the ship was attacked and boarded. Before the test, he had stopped and checked on a team stationed near one of the conduits, and when it exploded, he and a couple of his people were injured. "=/\= Medical emergency to deck 7, corridor J5!"

“Bridge to sickbay, medical team need in deck 7 corridor J5.” Rollins repeated after activating the comm to sickbay.

A calm voice returned, "Acknowledged, sending a team to Deck 7, Corridor J5." Akamine commanded a medical team to head to the required location.

Logan checked on his people and anyone else injured in the explosion.

“Lieutenant Westfall, any ideas what happened?”

Chaol was checking his station for any answers. He looked over his shoulder at the Captain. "To be confirmed by Chief Baca, I think either I had charged the aft phaser emitters too quickly or there was an EPS relay or more that are misaligned that could have let more plasma through then configured."

"Subspace systems seem unaffected, Captain," Arbroath added from his post. "I sincerely hope we don't have to call for help, but if we have to..." A grim look crossed his face. "No sign of Klingons, either... I'm running an analysis to see if this is just a technical problem, or of we were sabotaged... Somehow."

Rollins hoped it was the former not the latter as there would be big problems if the Klingons can disable brand new ships being built. “So, we’re sitting ducks for the time being?”

"More like a limping duck, Sir." Arbroath tried to break the tension a bit. "We can move, but I wouldn't recommend it till we get all this sorted."

Akamine's face became more impassive. She had a phaser. She had her martial arts. She would be ready for whatever.

"Baca to the Bridge," Engineering called in. "We'll have everything reset in half an hour, but it's going to take a few hours to go through the weapons' system reports to properly analyze the source of the problem. In the meantime, we're returning all settings to their defaults. We should rerun the tests at default."

At default? Chaol thought, wasn't the phasers at their default during the test? He shrugged and reset the test, this time it was another scenario. "I have another program ready Captain," he said.

“Are we in a position to run another test?” Rollins asked. He didn’t want to run the risk of damaging Trident even more.

"If Engineering say we are?" Chaol asked.

Zack saw to it that all his injured security personnel were treated in sickbay. As he waited, he started his report of the incident.

About twenty minutes later, Engineering called up to the bridge again, "We have everything sorted and ready for the next series of tests. We're looking forward to better results this time."

“Alright. Lieutenant Westfall, begin your next series of tests. Try not to break anything this time.” Rollins said with a smile.

After being assured that his people were alright, and would be able to return to duty soon, Zack left sickbay and headed back to observe the security personnel during this exercise.

"Aye sir," Chaol said and the rest of the tests went by smoothly and without a problem.


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