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Arriving in the Pyris System

Posted on Sun Sep 20th, 2020 @ 7:43pm by Captain Felix Rollins & Ensign Kehraor Ch'keris & Lieutenant Commander David Arbroath & Lieutenant Akamine Naomi & Lieutenant JG Doviyah Baca & Lieutenant JG Zack Logan & Ensign Suja Anea

Mission: Mission 1: The Pyris Conundrum
Location: Bridge
Timeline: 8th November, 2296 - 1950 Hours

Felix sat in the command seat and watched as the stars streaked past the view screen. The bridge was calm and quiet, only a small amount of chatter amongst the gathered officers. The Captain had ordered all the senior officers to get some sleep before they arrived at Pyris.

The Captain was expecting a trap of some sort, he wasn’t sure what though. The Klingons used various different tactics depending on what house they followed. He wanted his officers to be well rested so they could be up for the challenge ahead.

“Captain, we’re coming up to the Pyris system.” Ensign Keris reported from his console.

“Drop us out of warp, Ensign.” The Captain replied before pressing the button for a ship wide announcement. “All hands, this is the Captain. We have arrived in the Pyris system. All senior officers report to your posts immediately.”

The announcement was instantly heard by Doviyah in her dark quarters. Her uniform lay, folded, at the foot of her bed and she pulled it on with well-practiced motion. She was out of her quarters and down to engineering, logging her presence with the bridge while she reviewed the system logs from her time away to make sure everything was still running smooth.

Zack had just finished his paperwork regarding the security department, then heard the call from the captain. He left his quarters and walked to the turbolift.
Alone the way, he ran into Ensign Knight. She also was heading to the bridge, so they took the TL together.

The TL arrived on the bridge. Knight walked over and relieved the science officer, and Zack stood behind the railing, near the captain's chair.

Arbroath arrived, nodding to the captain. "How far are we from the outer limits of the system, Ensign?" he asked of the Andorian helmsman as he took his post. "No signs of Klingon transmissions, Sir." he informed Rollins after listening a few moments.

“So far so good, Commander.” Keris replied from the helm. “We’re sitting at the edge of the system waiting to head in.”

Rollins nodded his acknowledgment of the first officer’s report. “Ensign Knight, full sensor sweep on the area?”

Knight leaned over her console and started scanning. "The system seems to be devoid of activity, sir."

"Keep an eye on it," Arbroath said to the ensign.

"I'm reading no other ships in the area, Captain," Chaol reported as he had been at his station an hour before they arrived.

Rollins nodded, “Alright then, navigation, plot a course to the comms relay. Everyone keep your wits about you. This is all a bit too suspicious for my liking.”

"Captain," Arbroath looked up from his station, "I'm reading No, repeat, NO power emanations from the relay... Its completely dead. No residual subspace signals, nothing so much as a lightbulb over there."

“Hmm.” Rollins said as he rubbed his chin. “Once coordinates are set, full impulse Ensign Keris.” The Captain ordered before turning to Ensign Knight at the science station. “Full scanners on that relay, I want a full reading on it.”

"Aye, sir." Knight had the computer start full scans on the relay. It took a few seconds for the first report to come in. "Scans show no signs of damage, captain."

“Alright, Commander Arbroath select your away team and have them suited up in EV gear.” Rollins said as he turned to his first officer at the Comms station.

Zack stood at the back of the bridge, and watched the viewscreen. "I'd like to volunteer for that away mission, commander."

Knight looked up from the scanners and looked at Zack. She was worried that he be hurt on the mission.

"Tactical systems on standby Captain." Chaol announced, he figured it could calm some on the bridge to know that he was ready for a fight should an enemy appear, he had completely forgotten that he may be going over to the relay.

"All right... Mr. Logan, select one other Security and get suited up. Bridge to Engineering--I want two engineers ready to go, Baca and one other. Please acknowledge."

"Roger that," Baca's voice relayed over the comms.

Logan headed to the airlock, after contacting one of his security team to meet him there. A few minutes later, Ensign Baker arrived and the two of them started to suit up for the mission. Logan filled him on the upcoming mission.

Engineering arrived with kits in hand and began to suit up also.

On the bridge, Rollins communicated with the away team, his image on one of the display panels. “We’ll patrol the area while you work. Any sign of trouble and we’ll pull you, understood?”

"Yes, Sir, I understand." Arbroath scratched at his beard. "I think we might want to bring transport enhancers, just in case. You never know if we might need to make a quick escape. I'd rather lose enhancers than crew."

“Agreed, take whatever equipment you need. Hopefully, this will be a quick fix and we can be on our way to more important matters.” The Captain replied.

Baca raised a hand in objection to this conversation, and stepped into the camera so she would be seen, as well as heard, on the bridge. "Trill do not go through transporters."

"Why is that?" Akamine asked curiously. Trill were rather unusual allies.

"Matter transportation is inherently less than reliable, especially if you need enhancers because you don't trust the base technology to reconfigure your molecules. Culturally, you will find an impossibly few number of Trill willing to sacrifice themselves to a scrambler. Our lives are far too valuable to risk it. I will go by shuttle, but I must decline the mission if the energy-matter scrambler is the only transport available," Baca explained.

"Less than reliable?" Akamine responded disbelievingly. "I'm not a molecular scientist but I'm more than certain that we would not be using them if they were inherently unreliable."

Baca shook her head, "There are a lot of parts which make the transporter work and if anything is out of alignment, accidents happen. People have been turned inside out due to a malfunction in the pattern buffer. The percentage of accidents may be low, but it's far from zero. I am not comfortable risking my life in that manner when I could keep all my particles intact on a shuttle."

"Perhaps you should be glad that you're not a doctor, then," Akamine offered. "After all, many things are routine but occasionally they still go wrong. Does this mean that we should not perform the surgeries?"

"You're not comparing medical care to various forms of transportation, are you?" Baca asked. "It's not the same thing at all. But, yes, I would decline any elective surgery that unassembled me atom by atom and then put me back together using entirely different atoms and then tried to claim I was the same person."

Akamine shook her head. There was going to be no dissuading her and the argument was silly. Was not a molecule of water the same regardless of where you got two hydrogen and one oxygen atom? The principle was the same.

“If Lieutenant Baca doesn’t want to use the transporter then that’s fine, take a shuttle, it doesn’t matter how you get there as long as the relay gets repaired.” Rollins said, in defence of his engineer.

Baca smiled, happy to have her concerns recognized, "Thank you, sir."

And when the Klingons come and destroy the shuttle.... She shook her head at the over accommodating Captain.

“No problem, just get a move on before the Klingons take an interest as to why we’re here.” Rollins said as he looked back at the viewscreen. ’If they haven’t already.’ He thought to himself.


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