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I've Been Working On The Relay, All The Live-long Day

Posted on Tue Jan 26th, 2021 @ 7:53pm by Captain Felix Rollins & Lieutenant Commander David Arbroath & Lieutenant JG Doviyah Baca & Lieutenant JG Zack Logan

Mission: Mission 1: The Pyris Conundrum
Location: Pyrus system, Communications Relay; USS Trident
Timeline: 8 November, 2296, 20:15

Arbroath entered at a brisk walk, toolkit in a holster over his left shoulder, and the distinctive triangular form of a transport enhancer strapped to his right one. He glanced at the holstered phaser he now wore, checking the charge, then headed for the EV suit lockers.

Logan and Ensign Baker were already in the lockers suiting up for the mission, when he saw Arbroath enter. "Commander."

"Mr. Logan, Mr. Baker, good... We'll be departing shortly."

Now encased in the white bulk of an EV suit, Arbroath headed for the shuttle. "All set here?" he asked the Trill engineer.

"Definitely," she answered.

Xuanyun and Baca boarded the shuttle and took their seats in the passenger area. Their repair kits were locked down and they quietly discussed the anticipated repairs as they waited for departure. They both looked comfortable in their EVA suits, but the face shields were open and would remain that way until the shuttle engaged with the relay.

Logan and Baker, in their suits, started checking their weapons, taking them apart and reassembling them.

Logan looked at Baker. "I know this is your first mission. Stay close to me, keep your weapon out, and most importantly, stay calm."

Arbroath settled himself into the pilot's seat. "Shuttle 5 requesting departure for relay," he called into the comm.

"You're cleared to launch, shuttle 5. Stay safe, we'll patrol the area while you work." Came Rollins voice over the comm.

"Acknowledged... Shuttle 5 out." The Scott turned to the engineers behind him. "Ready?"

"Let's go," she confirmed.

A short while later, the shuttle successfully connected with the relay and the engineers were the first to the port, ready to work. “Let’s figure out the power first,” Baca suggested as they boarded.

In complete darkness and the absence of power, maneuvering through the narrow access corridors of the relay was tricky. Any gravity plates had lost residual power, leaving the away team searching for hand-holds to pull themselves to where the power bank was located.

It took one wrong turn and a bottleneck of bodies before they found the power cells. Baca brought out a small torch to light the area and checked the controls, flipping a few switches with little success. “It looks like the power cells may need to be replaced,” Xuanyan said as he checked their connections.

“Yeah,” Baca agreed after flipping more switches without any results. She shifted so she could turn on her grav boots, twisting to lock her into position next to the power cells. One by one, they replaced the cells with the spares they carried.

"What do you think, Lieutenant? Deliberate sabotage, or did the relay just get unlucky and get slapped by a passing space rock?" asked Arbroath over the commlink.

Logan and Baker, rifles held in their arms, kept an eye on the others as they patrolled the area.

Baca engaged the final power cell and looked over to Xuanyan as the environmental systems began to turn on, "I'm not sure yet, sir," she answered. "Gravity will be coming back any minute," she added as a warning to anyone listening, then continued to respond to Arbroath. "I want to look at the logs before trying to reconnect to the rest communications relay. That may take a few hours to review, depending on what's there. But, hopefully, the logs can tell us what happened."

Logan pulled out his tricorder and ran a scan looking for any unidentified life signs.

"Trident to Commander Arbroath, we have two birds of prey entering the system. We’re moving to intercept. Work quickly!” Came Rollins voice suddenly over the comm.

"Acknowledged... You heard the man, Lieutenant."

The reply was cut off by a loud voice. "In the name of the Klingon Empire, we order your surrender. Do not make us kill you."

Arbroath swore and looked around. A half-dozen Klingons had drawn disruptors pointed at them.

"Trident, request emergency beamout. Klingons have boarded the relay, I repeat, Klingons have--"

One of the Klingons fired, the burst silent in the vacuum of space. Arbroath felt his body seize up, then knew no more.

The curse uttered by Baca was not translated correctly through the UT. There was hardly enough room for the Trident team, much less the addition of the Klingons. The gravity plates reengaged without warning, but that didn't seem to bother the large aliens.

Baca held up her hands in surrender. It felt like the right thing to do. Any tricks she might be able to dream up, or any hide holes she might duck into depended on her being in familiar surroundings. The relay was definitely not on her list of familiar.

Zack analyized the situation. He looked at Baca and nodded.....and dropped his rifle and raised his hands. Baker did the same.


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