The Waiting Game

Posted on Tue Jan 26th, 2021 @ 7:54pm by Captain Felix Rollins & Ensign Kehraor Ch'keris & Ensign Suja Anea & Chief Petty Officer Serisse Whatt MD, Pharm.D

Mission: Mission 1: The Pyris Conundrum
Location: Bridge
Timeline: 8 November, 2296, 20:15

With Commander Arbroath and his team on the relay working, it was down to Trident to keep a watchful eye. Captain Rollins sat forward in his command seat watching the viewscreen as he rubbed his beard in thought. He didn’t like this at all.

“Status, Mr McArthur?” He asked the tactical officer.

“Sensors are clear, sir. So far so good.” McArthur commented as he continued to look at his screen.

Suja sat at the science console, checking the sensors constantly. So far there was nothing to worry about.

Rollins was tempted to call the away team but he didn’t want to distract them from their work and he wanted them done and on their way quickly.

“Sir! I have something on my scanners., two Klingon birds of prey entering the system.” McArthur reported.

“Ensign Keris, set an intercept course. Keep Trident in between the relay and the birds of prey. All hands, Red Alert!” Rollins ordered.

“Trident to Commander Arbroath, we had two birds of prey entering the system. We’re moving to intercept. Work quickly!”

"Acknowledged." Came the reply from his first officer.

Suja looked up from her monitor. "Captain, both ships have energized weapons!"

"Of course, they have." Rollins commented as he quickly summed up the situation. "Alright, listen up. I want continuous fire on the lead ship. If one starts to draw us away from the relay, head for the bird of prey. We need to keep them busy while the away team are working..."

Before Rollins could continue, a call came in from the away team. "Trident, request emergency beamout. Klingons have boarded the relay, I repeat, Klingons have--"

"Sir, a Klingon battleship has arrived. I'm detecting Klingon life signs on the relay!" Keris reported.

"Damn it! Open fire on those birds of prey, then bring us around and set course for the relay, full impulse!"

Keris nodded as he frantically worked at his console, plotting a course back to the relay.

Suja targeted the Birds of Prey and started firing....using phasers and torpedos.

The ship began to be hit by heavy enemy fire. She shook as the inertial dampeners fought to keep the Trident up right. Consoles began to explore and sparks flew across the bridge.

"We're taking a beating!" Keris called out from the helm!

"Casualty report?" Barked Rollins as he looked towards Chief Whatt who was sat in the auxiliary medical station.

"Injury reports starting to come in from all over the ship," Whatt reported. "But it's too early for details." She held onto her seat as the ship violently shook again.

"Status on those Klingon ships?" Barked Rollins. He knew they were fighting for their lives and with a junior bridge crew things would be tough for them all.

Suja checked her scanners. "1 ship is damaged but is still attacking...the other ship has minimum shield damage, sir."

Rollins slammed his fist down on the arm of his chair. "Continuous fire on the damaged bird of prey!" He bellowed.

"Captain! The Klingon battleship is withdrawing from the system." Keris reported from the helm.

Suja kept firing the phasers at the Klingon ship. Then she released three torpedoes at the ship.

The viewscreen filled with a bright light as the bird of prey exploded. A small cheer came from a few people behind Rollins but he was in no mood to get excited over the destruction of one bird of prey.

"Captain, the battleship has warped out of the system." Keris said.

"Damn it. Track their course then withdraw, we're in no shape to mount a rescue and we can't help the landing team if we're dead." The Captain said in a frustrated tone.

Suja had the computer track the Klingon Battleship. "Tracking, sir."

"Looks like they're head for the Epsilon Canaris system, Captain." Keris called out as he read the data fed through to his console by Suja.

Rollins fist hit the arm of his chair. "Damn, prisoner drop off depot." He muttered to himself. "Alright, get us out of here."

The Andorian nodded as he quickly imputed coordinates and engaged the warp engines.

Felix rubbed his chin as he thought. He needed to formulate a rescue plan and quickly. They probably had 24 hours before his senior officers would disappear further into Klingon space.